Bible Journaling Basics | What To Journal In

Hello everyone! Today I have a longer post so grab a drink and settle in 🙂 This post also has a corresponding YouTube video if you want to see into these products in more depth and hear my thoughts!

I’ve taught at several Bible Journaling classes over the last year or so and one thing that some people get caught up on is the idea of creating art IN their Bible. Today I want to share with you that there are so many other places that you can Bible journal in, so don’t feel like it must only be in a designated Bible.

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I wanted to quickly show you a few of the different Bible options you have in case you didn’t realize that these are out there. You of course can use just a regular Bible and I share some idea in my video for how to do that.

There are also Bibles available that offer wider margins, blank pages, or even images already printed that you can color in. I like to work in my Crossway ESV Single Column Journaling Bible since it has a 2″ lightly lined margin that offers a good amount of room for journaling.

If you are wanting even more room and less chance of covering up text then the Crossway ESV Interleaved Edition might be for you. This Bible offers a full blank page in between every page of text. One downside is that this Bible is pretty large to accommodate the blank pages…I like to call it #bigmommabible 🙂


So let’s talk options for faith journaling that don’t involve altering the pages of a Bible. The faith planner is becoming a popular option instead of or in addition to Bible Journaling. This one is the Illustrated Faith Faith Planner from DaySpring and is the best one I’ve found so far for what I will be using it for. I will be using this planner for keeping track of all my business planning but in the weekly spreads I will be using it for my daily scripture writing. There have been some beautiful examples of faith planning from Shanna Noel and Jillian (@hellojillsky).

*I am currently an affiliate with DaySpring and they have offered to partner with me on this post and offer an exclusive coupon for $10 off of $30 over on their site! The code LINDSEY10 is good until 7/5/2017 so be sure to grab this planner and maybe some other goodies to get you started!


There is a wide variety of options for journals if you are wanting to do some more traditional journaling. You can either use these for sermon notes, prayers or daily scripture writing or even cover the pages with gesso and use it for mixed media. I like the Floral Zip Pouch Journal from DaySpring. This journal comes with a cover that has a zipper pouch for carrying some of your journaling goodies on the go.


Some of you may already be fans of using a mixed media journal and this would work great for faith journaling. I like the Canson Mix Media paper since it’s inexpensive and can stand up to using some wet mediums like water-color and acrylic paint. The great thing about this one is that you can easily remove a page if you mess up or don’t love how it came out.

I’ve also used this paper to create a Traveler’s Notebook Insert for my classes but I’ll be talking more on those inserts towards the end of this post.


Another simple option is a 3-ring binder. This one in particular is the Illustrated Faith Praise Book and it comes filled with some printed card stock, clear transparency sheets and pockets for storing supplies. You could easily recreate something similar but I love that it has some designs to help get you over the hump of blank page syndrome.

Jess Robyn (@bumbleandbristle) used hers to document the first year of her daughter’s life over on the Illustrated Faith Blog. It was a combination of memory keeping, prayers, and faith journaling!


I hadn’t known about Traveler’s Notebooks and Inserts prior to the Bible Journaling community but I have since fallen in love and this system has become a part of my daily life. There are different sizes of TNs but I like the Narrow(Midori) which accommodates inserts that are about 4.5″ x 8.5″ (the size of the Illustrated Faith Devotionals). I have made my own notebooks and inserts but you can find some great ones over at DaySpring.

The Illustrated Faith Devotionals offer a great place to journal and create some art and have it all in one place. They also offer some great kits over in their Print Pray Shop, like the Revival Camp, that you can print and put together yourself.

Ali Brown (@alibrownie) is a great resource for an artist who uses this system for her regular and faith journaling so go check her out!


Last up, I’m going to talk about hymnals for your faith journaling. This is a fun option if you are wanting the challenge of working over text without having to worry about covering up the scripture. I was gifted this particular vintage hymnal but you can find them in second-hand stores, Ebay, or even try asking your local churches to see if they have any lying around in storage. These are also fun for scanning in and creating digital art if you want to explore with that medium (I like using my images in ProCreate on my IPad Pro to create hand-lettered pieces).

Tai Bender (@growingmeadows) has some beautiful examples of how she creates faith art using vintage hymnals and she also has a fun shop full of Bible Journaling Stamps 🙂

So I hope you found some inspiration from these suggestions and maybe this post made Bible Journaling seem a little less intimidating for you. I’d love to hear about the creative places you’ve found for documenting you faith so leave a comment down below.

Don’t forget to use the coupon code LINDSEY10 over at DaySpring for $10 off of $30 if you  decide to pick up any of the supplies I’ve mentioned or some other goodies that you might find over there. (exp. 7/5/17)

Also, head on over to my YouTube channel to see the video that goes along with this post to get a better look at these supplies and hear some more tips and tricks!

Until next time!


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