NEW Illustrating Bible REVIEW

(This Bible was sent to me as part of the DaySpring Launch Team but all opinions are my own. This post does contain affiliate links.)

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing a look at the new version of the Illustrating Bible from DaySpring. This style of Bible is my absolute favorite for Bible art journaling and I can’t wait to share with you how this version is the same and how it’s different from the rose gold version released last year.

Check out my review video for a closer look at this NEW journaling Bible!

This Bible is very similar to the previous version with only some minor changes:

  • New packaging and cover design (colors and design elements)
  • Added space for name on the presentation page
  • Smaller title size for each book of the Bible to allow for more
    journaling space
  • Large supply of inventory

The new version has a faux leather cover in a beautiful deep green color with blue undertones (I think it looks just like Pine Needles Distress Oxide Ink) and a more modern font for the title that is gold foiled.

The new version is basically an inverse of the color scheme from the first version. The inside cover is a pale dusty pink suede with the same phrase, “In the beginning God created…” in a smaller and more modern font.

The new version is not branded by Illustrated Faith (but Illustrated Faith will be promoting and using this version as well) so you will see that the branding has been removed and on the opening page a title plate has been added.

I can’t wait to see how you all utilize this space to create a beautiful personalized opening page to your Bible.

While the font is still 8 point, the book titles are smaller, in a more modern font, and are slightly offset to the edge of the margin. This frees up more of that amazing margin space that we love to create in!

This version is still the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) translation. There aren’t any other versions at this time but I know that DaySpring is taking your feedback and your requests for different versions and font sizes so we may see those changes in the future.

This image shows one of the many reasons why I love this Bible so much! I’ve been journaling in the original version for about 8 months now and, even though I use tons of dimensional items, you can see that the coil binding allows the Bible to expand and grow without having to worry that the binding will break down.

If you are looking for details about sizing and how the paper holds up to different mediums then take a look at my blog post review of the original version since all of those details are the same for this newer version of the Illustrating Bible.

I hope that this review was helpful in seeing some of the new features! I have tons of process videos on my YouTube channel showing the different ways I create and document in this wide margin Bible if you are looking for some inspiration. Head on over to DaySpring to order your copy of the new Illustrating Bible and start spending some creative worship time with God!


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Until next time!

❤ Lindsey

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