DaySpring Christmas Preview

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If you are anything like me, you are thinking it’s only September and way too early to start thinking about Christmas! I’m one of those people who wait until the first or second week of December to do my shopping and try to throw together a plan for Christmas at the last possible minute.

This year I’m going to try and do things differently and I’m using some products from DaySpring to help me out! DaySpring did send me a box of goodies to share with you all to get you excited for their Christmas Preview and this gives me some time to share with you how I will be celebrating Christmas with my family this year.

I think we all know that DaySpring is known for their wonderful cards. They have some beautiful faith based cards and this year is no different. These cards (Jesus Is The Gift) have great attention to detail with embossing, glitter, jewels and various textures. I love that there is scripture included inside!

I always plan on sending out cards and then never get around to actually taking the pictures and putting them together so this year I’m keeping it simple and sending these out to family and friends. You can find this set as well as many others over at DaySpring!


I’ve been trying, for the last couple of years, to get away from commercialized Christmas and focus more on Advent and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas with my family. It’s because of this that I’m most excited about The Shepherd On The Search line of products.


I have twin 10 year old boys and we’ve never celebrated Santa with them and because of that, I just couldn’t get on the bandwagon of using Elf On The Shelf. My boys might be a little old for The Shepherd On The Search but I plan on trying to incorporate the activities found over on to spend some quality time with them this Christmas Season.

You might be thinking that you don’t have time to coordinate and plan out daily activities for your kiddos but don’t worry because the website takes care of all of that for you! Just purchase The Shepherd On The Search – Advent Activity Set that includes a shepherd, story book, and beautiful box that looks like a stable and with the ideas on, you can teach your kids about Christmas but also add in some of the Christmas fun that they look forward to.

For some added fun, you can grab The Shepherd On The Search Activity Book. Again, this may be a little young for my boys but they are looking forward to using the stickers and tracing the images into their Journaling Bibles this holiday season!


The item I’m most excited about is The Shepherd On The Search 25-Day Devotional! I’ve been on the hunt for a devotional that we could go through as a family but it was hard to find one that had meaning but wasn’t too mature for my boys.

This devotional has a verse for each day and then a short devotional that will get your kids engaged in understanding the true meaning of Christmas. This is followed up with some more scripture references that dig deeper into the topic for that day, a life application suggestion and a short prayer to end the devotional time for that day.

My plan is to spend more time engaging with my family and others this year and less time worrying about the decorations and craziness of gift exchanges. You can find all these items plus many more over at DaySpring so head on over and take a look at all of the beautiful items that they have as part of the Christmas Preview!

The Shepherd On The Search Activity Book
The Shepherd On The Search Activity Book
Shop at:
The Shepherd On The Search 25-Day Devotional
The Shepherd On The Search 25-Day Devotional
Shop at:
The Shepherd On The Search - Advent Activity Set
The Shepherd On The Search – Advent Activity Set
Shop at:
Jesus Is The Gift Boxed Note Cards
Jesus Is The Gift Boxed Note Cards
Shop at:


Until next time!


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