Are you taking the Encouragement Dare this week?

Hello everyone! This week I’m participating in the DaySpring #encouragementdare and I wanted to share with you some of the things I’m doing and the resources I put together to use this week.

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If you weren’t aware, Sept. 12th is the National Day of Encouragement and DaySpring has put together some great items to help you encourage others…not just on Tuesday but anytime.

You can sign up for the free encouragement kit from DaySpring to get all kinds of goodies to use this week!

This kit includes some awesome printables that make it super easy to just print out, maybe right a little note on the back, and share with someone who needs some encouragement.

Push yourself outside of your comfort zone!

These would be super simple to tape up on the mirror at your gym, leave on the grocery store shelf or hand to the employee taking your Starbucks order 😊 You never know when a simple little note like these might completely change someone’s day!


If you want to continue on past this week and challenge yourself to incorporate this spirit of encouragement and connection in your daily life then I’d recommend that you pick up Craving Connection from (in)courage. This book was released at the beginning of the year and I went through it while working through the Illustrated Faith Craving Connection Bible Journaling Kit (no longer available) but this would be a great time to pull it back out or order it if you don’t already have it.

Don’t forget to encourage those in your home! I’m really bad about spending most of my time focused on others and my relationships outside of my home and save whatever leftover I have for my husband and kids.

This is a huge NO-NO!

Your family deserves more than your leftover love. DaySpring has included some great printables in the free encouragement kit to share with your husband. Stick one of these in his lunch as a simple reminder that you are thankful for him and that you see all the work he puts into being the man of the house (even if he does leave his dirty clothes on the floor 🙈)


I also pulled out these two books, Jesus Calling – 365 Devotionals For Kids by Sarah Young and The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, as some encouragement for you.

These are books that have helped me to make time to connect with my husband and kids. I need a constant reminder to always be building up those around me, especially those who have to live under the same roof as me.

I hope you’ll join me in this #encouragementdare and be sure to tag #dayspring and #lindseydecor so we can see how you are taking this dare and heading out into the world to encourage others!



The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
Shop at:
Jesus Calling - 365 Devotionals For Kids
Jesus Calling – 365 Devotionals For Kids
Shop at:
Craving Connection from (in)courage
Craving Connection from (in)courage
Shop at:

Until next time!


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