Illustrated Faith “I Am” Kit Review

Hello everyone! Today I thought I’d bring you a little closer look at the new Illustrated Faith “I Am” Devotional Kit from DaySpring. You can find my unboxing video over on my YouTube channel as well as a process video for Day 1.

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This kit is absolutely gorgeous! This month they brought in Melisa Garcia (@pienthesky) to write and design the kit. Every month I say it’s my favorite kit and just don’t think it can be topped then Illustrated Faith proves me wrong and puts out another fantastic devotional kit!

If you aren’t familiar with these kits, they are a devotional kit that Illustrated Faith puts out through DaySpring every month. This is the July 2017 kit but that just means that it’s put out in July…you can still get past kits that aren’t sold out and you can work on these kits anytime. These are not part of a subscription service so you can just head on over to DaySpring and shop for the kits you like, when you like!


I always get asked about which Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens coordinate so I went ahead and pulled a few that I plan on using. Several people on social media also do this and like them I just try to pick ones that I think match. I’ve pulled Light Flesh 132, Magenta 133, Crimson 134, Indian Red 192, Dark Indigo 157, Light Phthalo Green 162, Permanent Green Olive 167, Warm Grey III 272, and Cold Grey 230. I like to use these for highlighting in the devotional and verses in my Bible as well as coloring in the stamped images if I’m looking for a quick and easy page.


After working through Day 1 of the kit I fell even more in love with it (I mean it’s beautiful but I’m looking for a good devotional as well 😉 ). I always find it interesting how most of these devotionals meet me right in whatever season I might be in at the time. “I Am” is all about reminding us who we are in Jesus and even though I KNOW it I still need the constant reminders when I slip into bad habits of fear, feeling worthless, not enough, etc.

In Day 1, Melisa addresses fear and she shares that “Fear was routine for me; it cloaked itself around me and tried to make me believe we were friends…”

Umm, yes, that is exactly how it feels! For years I battled first post par tum depression which then led to just general anxiety/depression. I was pretty much a hot mess all the time. I would lay in bed at night for hours fretting over every little detail of my life and typically they were things I had no control over but for some reason thought I needed to find a solution for. I was living in a constant state of fear…fear of the future, fear for my boys, fear for my marriage, etc. Now that I’ve completely turned my life over to God and have put my trust in what He is working in my life, I am doing so much better. I’m not completely healed, my flesh is still influenced by the whispers in my ear from the devil, but I now have somewhere and someone to turn to in those times.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else Melisa has for you and I in this devotional and I hope that you will head on over and grab one for yourself if you haven’t already! Also, be sure to use #IF_IAm when posting on social media so we can share and see how everyone is working through the kit.

Until next time!


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