Fabric Garland Tutorial


Hello everyone! I’m going to attempt a tutorial without a video…I know, so unlike me 🙂 ! So, I don’t know about you but I went crazy over the fabric paperclips to put in our journaling Bibles and ended up with stacks of all kinds of fun and beautiful fabrics. The problem was that I loved them all and didn’t think there was a project worthy enough for the leftovers so they sat in a pile instead.

I’m so glad that I decided to create this garland with them so I can see all of them all the time and actually get to enjoy all the colors and patterns that I love so much!

For this project you will need:

  • Fabric scraps (I created strips that were 1.5″x 18″ and needed 15 strips for every 12″ of garland)
  • Some kind of ribbon/twine/rope….I used some left over jute from when I did my sister’s wedding!
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tape

I picked out 8 different fabrics that all coordinated but you could use more or less depending on your preference.


I cut strips out of each fabric that were 1.5″ wide by 18″ long. If you want the fabric to hang longer then cut the strips longer then the 18″ but for most of my scraps that was the max size that I could cut out.


To make this process as simple as possible, I laid out a ruler and made a snip into the fabric at every 1.5″ mark and then tore the fabric into strips. This does give you a rough look but I just trimmed any crazy strings to keep it a controlled shabby chic 😉


After all the fabric was cut, I pulled out a length of jute and taped it to my table. I left it on the roll and just pulled out more as I worked until I had the garland the length that I wanted.


To add the fabric I folded each piece in half (right side of fabric facing out) and laid it under the jute with the fold facing down towards me.

I then pulled the two ends over the jute and down through the loop, creating a knot.

I decided to leave the knots a little loose at first that way I could move them around and decide how close I wanted them to each other. In the end, I just pushed them right up next to each other so the garland would be nice and fluffy.

And that is it! I just repeated this process until I had it the length that I wanted. I chose to place the fabrics in a pattern but you could just randomly place them.

I’m so excited to have this project hanging in my office where I can enjoy some of my favorite fabrics and colors. I’m afraid these might start showing up all over my house 😂


If you recreate this project please share and tag @lindseydecor so I can see what fabrics and colors you choose!

Until next time!



2 thoughts

  1. Major hearts for eyes!! Lovely project and a clear tutorial, no video necessary (but always appreciated!). Thanks, girl!


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