60 Promises To Pray Over Your Children

Hello everyone! I have a little bit different of a post today but it’s something that I think some of you parents or grandparents may be inspired by! Dayspring sent me a copy of this book, 60 Promises To Pray Over Your Children, to review and after spending some time with it, I thought I’d share with you how I’ve been using it with my Bible Journaling.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes struggle with how to specifically pray for my kids. I have identical twin boys who are 9 years old and as much as I love them, some days I feel like I’m parenting from the trenches of a war zone! This book is filled with prayers that are categorized by different topics so I can flip through and find ones that apply to whatever situation I may be facing. The prayers in this book are a great guide for me so I don’t just find myself continuously praying, “God please help my boys to behave and help me yell a little less”! Image result for crying laughing emoticon

A feature I really love is that it has several verses suggested to go along with topic of the prayer. I’m not one of those people who knows exactly what part of the Bible to go to depending on the specific need I have, so this is great for someone like me. I decided to take some of these prayers with the suggested verses and add them to my boys’ journaling Bibles.


I tried to take the prayers and change the wording a bit to personalize them to each child. So instead of writing “my children”, I would change it to their name. I’m wanting to keep these entries very simple and just focus on praying these prayers for my kiddos. I want them see how much I love them while also reminding them of how much God loves them.

On some pages I wrote directly in the margins and in others I created simple tip-ins so I had more room to write. I’ve added some simple color to the background so they are colorful for them but I really just wanted them to have the prayers as the focus and have them in my scratchy handwriting and not fancy lettering. This is not a project that I want to stress over and feel like it needs to be pretty and perfect. Most of the times these entries are next to their doodles and paint splatter that they’ve worked on in their Bibles.

These pages may not mean much to them now but my hope is that, as they get older, they will be able to look back and see that I was earnestly praying for them and not just spending my days “coloring in my Bible” (they seem to think that’s all I do while they are at school all day haha!).


So for those of you looking for a way to make your Bibles more of a keepsake or more personal, this may be something you’d like to add.

You can find this book, 60 Promises To Pray Over Your Children, as well as, 60 Promises To Pray Over Your Daily Life, at Dayspring!

Until next time!


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