Prima Watercolor Confections Review

Hello everyone! If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you know my love of using watercolors in my Bible art journaling, so I like trying out different types and seeing how they compare. I’ve been seeing these Watercolor Confections by Prima Marketing floating around social media and thought I’d pick up a couple to try. You can find my video review over on my YouTube channel or scroll down to see my thoughts.


There are currently 5 sets available but I picked up the Tropicals and Pastel Dreams first to see what I thought before grabbing more. I did see a little peak online that there may be 2 new sets coming out soon and I’m excited try those out when they are available.

The packaging says that these are an artist quality watercolor and seeing as I’m not a trained artist I can’t really say whether that’s 100% true but I’ll give you my opinion based off of how I plan to use them and compared to some other watercolors I’ve tried out.


These come in these high quality travel tins and each set has 12 half pans included. These are perfectly sized for on the go painting if you are looking for products that travel well.


To be completely honest, it was the cute factor that drew me to these watercolors. The fun colors and cute packaging sucked me in. If you are a trained artist then these might not be for you. These are definitely¬†not the same quality as the Daniel Smith watercolors that I have but they are also quite a bit cheaper. I’m not trained but I do know a little bit about mixing colors which would make these not necessary to have. But I’m lazy. I do not want to spend my time mixing pretty colors! I’m also not worried about light fastness since these will be primarily used in my Bible which remains closed most of the time.

I love my Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolors and I think these are similar to those. They both seem to be a little bit thicker…more like a gouache…but are still translucent enough that you can use them over the text of your Bible without any problems. There is also no bleed through when used on the thin pages of your Bible which is is important to us Bible journalers. They are very pigmented and don’t dry chalky so there is no transfer to the opposite pages.

I definitely plan on picking up more of these sets (I may or may not suffer from “complete set syndrome” hahaha) because I think they are great for Bible journaling, card making and general crafting.

The sets currently available are the Tropicals, Pastel Dreams, Classics, Decadent Pies, and Shimmering Lights. You can find the video review that goes along with this post over on my YouTube channel.

Until next time!


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